Leaving for Georgia tonight ;)

  1. Wow it's weird, I can't believe today is the day, we are leaving out at like 2 in the morning. I'm excited, and couldn't wait to leave Jersey, (no offense Jerseygirls) but I kind of got sad last night. :crybaby:I'm so sick of moving.:tumbleweed: It's exhausting, not fun no more, like when I was younger. Georgia is it for me. I'm excited me and hubby are starting a new life. I guess I will miss my house, but that's it. Well wish us luck, I'll be back online middle of the week, I start my online classes on Wednesday. :tpfrox:
  2. Good luck and drive safe!!!!!!!
  3. welcome to the South! Georgia is a great place, what part are you moving to?
  4. Best wishes on your move. I think Georgia is a nice state. My friends love the shopping in Atlanta.
    I miss Florida and would do anything to get out of Jersey. I have NO love for Jersey and hate this state.....
    Give me warm weather and friendly people and a slower way of life---I am not a winter person...
  5. Good luck! Have a safe move!
  6. Have a safe move. I live in GA and I love it here!
  7. I'm a fellow Georgian.

    Welcome to the Peach State!
  8. I'm here in middle GA, we had a beautiful day today, my daffodils & hyacinth are in full bloom & today I bought flowers to plant in the front yard, it's nearly Spring here!
    Welcome to the South!
  9. We Georgians need to meet up, there seem to be several of us here!
  10. I lived in GA for awhile, the parts of it I have seen are lovely.
  11. drive safe and hope u iwll love GA...keep us inofrmed:tup:
  12. Hi Amanda, that's my daughters name, we are going to be in Braselton, this week, staying with bro-in-law but then we are looking to live somewhere right outside of Atlanta. I'm still online because we are disconnecting the computer last:sweatdrop: And I keep checking stuff in between loading the truck and cleaning. Uuh I need to take my last shower here in a minute or I'm going to go nuts :yucky:
  13. one of my former bosses just bought a new house in Traditions of Braselton, there are some exceptionally nice homes in that area.

    i grew up in metro Atlanta and now live in Athens and go to the University of Georgia. i've traveled outside of the state a good bit (NYC and Chicago several times, Boston, Denver, DC) and i've got to say, i don't have any real desire to leave. it may take some time to grow on you since it is a good bit different than the north, but hopefully you'll love it as much as i do!
  14. Best of luck on your move, hon. I know what you mean about sick of moving. You sound ready to put down roots for awhile. Have a safe trip and we'll be here when you get back online.

    p.s. when I read the title of the thread, I thought of the Gladys Knight song, Midnight Train to Georgia.