Leaving feedback for a mutually withdrawn sale

  1. Hi, I had posted a while back about purchasing a dress on eBay that was not exactly as described...I contacted the seller and she said it was okay if I did not want to purchase the dress. A little time passes and she is looking for feedback now. My question is, what do I say and what feedback do I leave? She has gone ahead and said I paid for the dress (which I did not) so I am a wee bit confused. Thank you to all who answer!
  2. thats weird...i wouldn't leave no feeback because you didn't go thru with it plus she lied and said you paid which you didn't.
  3. I think differently. You could leave her a feedback regarding her communication, shipping & etc. It is nice the seller agrees you not to complete the transaction. So I'd give her a credit for that. If she marked the item is paid, she needs to pay eBay fee. There is no loss for buyers for doing that.