leave plastic on?

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  1. i bought a mono speedy 25, but i don't plan on using it for a while. (so why did i buy it now? i don't know. i have shopping issues.) so- do i store it w/the plastic on? take it off? spray the leather? stuff it? leave it folded? HELP! btw- i love the bag!
  2. Hmmm... IMO: I think you should leave the plastic on and stuff it. ;)
  3. Leave the plastic on until your ready to use it.
  4. ^^^^^ I agree. Leave the plastic on unless you want the bag to begin to patina.
  5. I would take the plastic off, (im the biggest baby with my designer stuff so with you on this) but the plastic is not intended to be on the bags for long periods and im not sure about it but doesnt it dry out the leather? thats why your not supossed to put the bags in vacume seal bags for tooo long? but its not like nayone will get to it inside its dustbag inside your closet? but leave the plastic on the zipper pulls etc.
  6. The bag shouldn't start a Patina as long as you don't use it and don't expose it to the sun... no need to leave the plastic on IMO.
  7. I personally will take the plastic off..let the leather breath...
  8. I would leave it on, then when you are ready to use it, it'll be like you just bought it from the store :lol:
  9. I'd just leave it on until you're ready to use it. The stores usually keep some part of the bags wrapped so it shouldn't be a problem if you do the same.
  10. I would certainly stuff it, as for the plastic, I might leave it on unless you are 100% sure you are keeping it. Enjoy!
  11. I would take the plastic off....I had a mini speedy that I left with the plastic on in the dustbag and in the LV box....and the rest of the leather started to patina, but the leather under the plastic was lighter than the rest of it...so it looked uneven. Keep in mind that I had it stored for a long time! I bought a couple when I thought the MC was going to be discontinued.
  12. i was just thinking the same thing.
  13. Take the plastic off if you want to store it for a long time. The leather should breathe or it might get musty.

  14. Eewww! :yucky:

  15. this is true.My manhattan handles are slightly uneven with the rest of the bag when i left the plastic on for a while.when i noticed it,I immediately took it off.