Leatherstuff dot com promotional code?

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  1. Hi all, I'd like to order some stuff from leatherstuff dot com since they are having the 20%, but I have accidentally trashed the email they sent me :sad: Do I have to enter any promotional code at the Checkout or will they deduct 20% off the total automatically??
    The shipping outside USA is super expensive :yucky:
  2. I believe it is FATHERS DAY :smile:
  3. :heart:Thank you so much :heart:
  4. You are very welcome...glad I could help:smile:
    I live in Canada & I bought mine from Luggage & Leather.

    The shipping was $11....it was cheaper for me to get it there...maybe it would be better for your location as well?
  5. Thanks ReesPiece! I've just placed an order with Luggage & Leather :biggrin:
  6. YAY! Let us know how it goes :smile:
  7. I can't get the leatherstuff.com site to come up. Does anyone know what happened to the site?
  8. ^ hmmm not working for me either. Maybe they're doing some maintenance. I'd try again later
  9. Hi! I moved your thread to Deals and Steals where it should have been originally. I'm closing this as now it's a duplicate post.
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