leathers prices from hig to low

  1. I took this from an old post of Constance and I would like to know if it's still rigth:

    croc porosus glazed
    croc porosus matte
    croc niloticus glazed
    croc niloticus matte
    alligator glazed
    alligator matte

    and then
    vache liagee
    chevre (mysore or coromandel?)
    togo, clemence, evergrain
  2. u missed ostrich leather
  3. Good thread...
    Also, where to fit in Barenia, chamonix, vache natural...
  4. I though swift and epsom were slightly less expensive than clemence and togo?
  5. ^^Yes, that is my understanding, as well.
  6. And to complicate matters... the new leathers... assuming bags will be made of them!

    I :heart: the new Chevre.
  7. very informative thread.

  8. Matte crocodile is more expensive than shiny croc. by quite a bit...

  9. Yep, tha is so....:sad:
  10. Don't think swift is less expensive than togo or clemence. It is either the same price or slightly higher. But do agree that epsom is the least expensive leather among the 4.
  11. Is troika included Troika fur bags are not expensive.
    chevre mangalore
  12. So, How expensive is a new Vache natural say 35cm Birkin or 32cm HAC? Anyone??
  13. Box is more expensive than chevre. Barenia is slightly more expensive than Swift, togo, clemence, and epsom, which I clump together in the same price category.
  14. I would put ostrich under lizard.
  15. ostrich actually cost more than lizard (based on prices of small accessory eg: bearn wallet) - not sure if it applies the same for the bags.