Leathers...Bleecker vs. Legacy

  1. After discovering this site just a mere 3 days ago, and ignoring my kids, the house, etc. to surf around it...I'm getting the idea of the differences in the two leathers. Let me see if I have this straight.

    Bleecker...softer, lighter, easier to clean, better in a snowy climate?

    Legacy...heavier, what else?

    I like the looks of an all leather bag but I don't want to have to "baby" it. That's why I usually stick to signature fabrics.
  2. Legacy leather is very soft and buttery and shouldn't be cleaned or moisturized. It is suppose to age a patina. Welcome to TPF, I know what you mean about ignoring things, I did that at first too LOL ! It is a good place to tune out from those things. I have a legacy leather piece and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
  3. I don't own a piece of either, but I have definitely touched and...gulp...sniffed each one and they're BOTH wonderful but Legacy seems to be "better".
  4. I own both and if I had to choose it would be Legacy over Bleeker.
  5. I prefer Legacy over Bleecker. To me, Legacy is richer and heavier (but it does require a little more care in use) whereas Bleecker leather felt kind of thin and almost plastic-y to me. I had a Bleecker flap for a short while and just didnt care for anything about this bag.

    Oh and welcome to the forum! Hold on to your wallet.
  6. This is almost heretical to say around here, but I slightly favor Bleecker. It is slightly thinner, but it has more of a finish. It resists scratching and the darkening associated with Legacy leather. It is very beautiful IRL and is not so thin that it collapses or doesn't hold its shape. I have two Bleeckers and love them both.

    Legacy leather is also wonderful, but any colour except black will likely darken or patina with age. The whiskey also shows its scratches more easily than Bleeckers. Many people love the patina that Legacy leather develops, though, so it is all a matter of personal taste.

    I own at least one of each (Bleecker and Legacy). As long as both are protected with a spray before use, there shouldn't be any issues with use in snow. I live in WI, too!
  7. I have both and love them both. My large Bleeker flaps ( 1 leather and 1 signature) are wonderful. The leather is thinner and the bag is lighter. My Ali ( Legacy leather) is to die for. It is thicker, therefore heavier but not too heavy as I don't stuff my bags. Both have the Coach Leather smell that I just love. All in all, they are my favorite leather bags. I think you would love either leather, they're both great!
  8. The darker Bleeker colors scratch pretty easily IMO. But Apple took care of it :tup:

  9. I would agree with this, but based on my experience, I can tell you that the Bleecker scratches much less than the Legacy Vachetta bags, and I have multiple bags from each in multiple colors. I mostly only have leather bags, as I don't really care for the signature stuff (other than some of the summer prints). It really depends on the color you get too, as far as caring for it goes. I guess I mostly baby my magenta Bleecker because it's light colored and prone to scratches, followed by my whiskey Legacy bags. For the other colors in the Bleecker and Legacy black bags, it's not so bad. I own about 4 whiskey Legacy bags, and they do scratch easily, but I condition mine with Apple when necessary (and only a small amount of conditioner because it can spot..and I've seen it happen when too much is used). Conditioning removes the scratches very easily...as long as they are not too deep.

    As for general comfort and annoyances... I personally find the longer straps and zippers on the large Bleecker duffles quite annoying, and the large ones are difficult for me to find items at the bottom of the bag. They also have no rigidity, especially when you put them down (the hardware on the strap is quite heavy). But that said, I own 5 different duffles I love them so much!! My patchwork duffle is my favorite Bleecker bag, and the strap length is perfect. The Elisa is large and a bit heavier, but at least has a magnetic closure and shorter strap and front pockets, which I love.

    As for Legacy, I think the straps on bags like the Mandy and Ali are much more comfortable than the Bleecker (AND finished underneath), and for me the turnlock closure on the Ali is perfect...some security, but easier than a zipper to open. I also think the flap style looks very elegant. I love all my Gigis, Mandy, and Ali. I also love the look of my Lily, but don't like the slouch when I'm carrying it. It's also the heaviest bag I own.

    Actually for me the perfect leather bag in all aspects is the Chelsea laced Abbey, but otherwise between Legacy and Bleecker, the Legacy bags are supposed to be their higher end bags. For me it's a bag by bag basis, and I can't really say I like the Legacy the best over the Bleecker. I actually like some of the Bleecker styles better than some in the Legacy line.

    I would guess for a great every day bag that is super comfortable and light, your best bet might be a Bleecker flap. I just don't like the fact they are small, so that's why I stayed with the duffles and Elisa.
  10. Oh, I was also going to say I own the Legacy Thompson as well, and this a grain leather. It's somewhat heavy, but scratches less and is easier to care for than the Legacy bags. A lot of people like the Julia hobo..it's smaller and easy to get into.
  11. I love the way Legacy leather feels, so soft and buttery.
  12. I have and use (almost every day) my bleecker flap. It is lighter in weight than the legacy therefore, easier for me to carry. I have the green and it wears beautifully. If it does scratch it is easily removed with the leather moisturizer (don't believe you can use this on legacy). Both have beautiful styles so it is really a matter of personal preference. I do know the legacy is very popular with lots of gals...
  13. I have a soft spot for the Legacy bags. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the striped lining, Legacy colors and the richness of the leather.

    I've just become a proud owner of the black leather GIGI. It took me a long time to decide between the various styles/types of leather bags that Coach carries but I'm happy with my decision.
  14. The lining is another part of it that I totally forgot to mention! I love the Legacy lining because it is so bright, and I never felt much for the tattersal lining until I actually used a bag with the tattersal lining. It is so different from the Legacy - so much lighter and more subtle - that it took using the bag before I appreciated it. Now I love both!
  15. I have a Bleeker Shopper in the British Tan and a Legacy Raisin Leigh. The Bleeker Shopper is a great bag - but not good for someone my size for an every day bag. It is good for a trip/tote. The bleeker leather shopper has so much leather and different pockets - it is really heavy by itself.

    I do have to say that the leigh is my dream bag! I love the striped lining....I love the color....and I am not babying it. I have only had it about 3 weeks, though. It does feel really heavy when I pick it up - but for some reason, after I put it on my shoulder, I can barely feel it there! I should have gotten this bag in whiskey, too! Had I known I would have!