leather ??

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  1. ok, in spite of the color transfer issue, i decided to go with the butter alexa. i LOVE LOVE it. however, there is a tiny tiny part that kind of looks like a rip on the leather surface. i didnt even notice this when i was at the store and i was there for a good half an hour maybe more. i dont know if this is normal with mulberry bags? there is only one other stock of the butter one at the store and that one doesnt have a clean lining, hmm how do i explain? there are threads that are loose? or hanging? hope you know what i mean, im really in a hurry posting this coz im so sleepy and we have an early flight tom.

    again, tia!;)
  2. swap it for the one with the dirty lining and ask them for a discount on that - you may get 10% off. At the end of the day you don't see the lining (as long as it's not too bad) but you do see the oustide of the bag.
  3. No, that is not normal...sound like it had an accident, poor thing.
  4. thanks for the prompt response hew105 and Kriscat. :tpfrox: ill be exchanging it first thing tomorrow.