1. I have a question =]


    What happens when water hits B-bag leather? Does it get all nasty, or is it easy to just wipe it with a dry cloth?


    Since B-bags are very smooshy, if I folded my B-bag would it cause alot of damage to it?
  2. When you get water on the bag, it shows up on the bag, but it dries away with no marks. I carried mine in Seattle every day (lots of rain), and the bag doesn't have any "water marks". That's been my experience anyway.

    I think some girls have had creasing when they fold their b-bags a certain way, but it hasn't happened to me personally (and I hope it doesn't anytime soon)!

    Hope this helped a bit!
  3. I've been wondering the same thing too. Pippop, it's good to know that it's okay to take my bag out in the rain. I too live in the rainy Northwest and have been dreading the upcoming wet seasons. Now I'll be using my bag more! Thanks.:P
  4. I haven't had any problems - an unexpected huge storm came one day and I had parked my car outsie, and had to walk around 10 mins to the car... I covered as much of the bag as I could, but the parts that got wet were fine and it didn't soak through. No stiffness or marks when it dried.
  5. I use my black city in all weather. I live in the mountains by school - so it snows ALOT, and rains etc. I've carried my bag through 0 degree weather and blizzards. It looks like new.

    Also, being the bags are really smushy and moldable, nothing would happen if you folded it. I've had mine scrunched into a suitcase before.
  6. Some colors do get water marks that are permanent. I didn't realize this before I bought an '06 lilac compangnon off ebay and didn't notice the spots in the picture because I didn't think it could happen. Doh! They may come out with professional care...we'll see.
  7. are all leather like this, or are you guys talking about the older leather. what about the ones from there f/w 06 collection, does the water leave any marks on the bag?
  8. i only have 05 leathers and in older years...
    when it get water, it changes color, but dry again to normal color.
    i got my eggplant drenched before, and it get dry perfectly.
  9. i got stuck in the rain yesterday wth my f/w 06 rouge vif work bag! almost died when i saw the rain coming down and i couldnt run home but no damage was done...it looks the same...maybe less shiny but it might be me being paranoid...no water stains though...can these bags be waterproofed? i actually like the shinyness of the new bags...(weird :P ) is there anyway to preserve it?
  10. ^^^rebeoliva- I was stuck in that downpour yeaterday too and was carrying my rouge vif bowling! Nothing happened to it. I am thinking of spraying the bag with AG- just so it protects the handles from getting dirty.
  11. the weather here seems like october :sad: this winter seems to be a bad one... which spray? where can i buy order it? i do want to make sure cuz i got sooo scared...im glad nth happened to ur bag either!!
  12. ^^^They sell the AG spray at Burlington Coat Factory. I know it definitely feels like October weather!!!