1. is the 2005 pre-fall the good leather or the not so good leather?
  2. depends on the color and batch i think... but the 05 leather is considerably better than this seasons leather IMO
  3. It's very nice leather -- a lot nicer than '06 in my opinion. But it is still the 'new' leather. But there's nothing wrong with the new leather either ;)
  4. thanks ladies! just wondering since ive never actually seen my bag IRL
  5. It is very good leather, much better than 06. I have both, love them both, but 05 is better.
  6. you are gonna love it!!
  7. i think it's AAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL good leather to me :yes:
  8. in general the 05 leather is better than the spring 06 leather (which a majority is thin, veiny, and waxy).
  9. i have to agree with esile. now that i have another '05 bag, i see how much thicker and smooshier the older leather is. i still like the new leather but definitely prefer the old. i am sure the older ones are even better but i don't expect to get my hands on one any time soon.
  10. Weird, the leather on my s/s 06 ink is much better - thicker, smooshier, matte, no veins - than my f/w 05 rouge. I really do think it's just variations between bags starting from f/w 05
  11. ^yeah, there are some variations... but in general, the 05 is better leather.
  12. I have 2 bags from S/S 05- I swear one is so much softer then the other! It's weird- maybe I have to break it in! I am dying to get that smooshy feel!!! But I LOVE it!
  13. One thing I can count on with Balenciaga re: the 05 leather is that it was consistently inconsistent, varying from bag to bag within the same color and from style to style. :shocked:

    Spring 06? Quality wasn't there for the most part. There were
    exceptions, but they were few and far between.
  14. i don't care what anyone says, i love all my '06 b-bags :love: