leather zoe in the rain????

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  1. so i have not yet gotten caught in the rain with my leather zoe. just wondering how this bag handles rain. anyone?
  2. My large black zoe is my work horse and has experienced rain quite a few times with no problems whatsoever! My parchment/gold zoe got spots when wet, but dried just fine!
  3. terrific, thanks for letting me know. i have the black leather and brown leather, so hopefully i don't have to freak out at the first sign of rain! thanks again!
  4. You can rain and stain guarde (I recommend Apple) so you don't have to be as worried.
  5. I carry my chocolate leather Zoe in the rain and snow all the time. The rain beads right off, no spots at all. The burnished leather is very durable and well known for facing weather well.
  6. I have the platinum Zoe. Could I use Apple stain guard with the metallic finish? Thanks!
  7. Yes. There are a few threads that discuss metallic items with apple products. The gist is - you can use the guarde, probably want to stay away from the moisturizer.
  8. I have the chocolate Zoe and I have not had any problems with the rain or water spotting. Seems to be a pretty durable leather.
  9. so glad to hear that zoe can handle the weather!
  10. I got caught in a surprise downpour with my black leather Zoe last week. I was only outside for a few minutes. My Zoe was fine. But black is pretty good for that.
  11. it's true about black bags because even my black legacy leigh can take the rain. seems less porous and of course the dark color doesn't show marks very much anyway.
  12. today was the second day i've carried my parchment zoe. I made sure to apple it up good, then use the apple rain & stain. It's true, the rain beaded up and wiped right off. I was a little worried but very impressed!
  13. wow! even with parchment. i'll bet the apple helped on this one. i once got caught in a total downpour with my camel leather carly. i thought it was a goner because it had a lot of raindrops leaving spots, but they all dried and vanished. so hard to tell because certainly camel legacy doesn't seem to do well with rain. glad to hear zoe is tougher!
  14. As a precaution I always carry a kitchen garbage bag folded up in my make-up pouch. In case I need to cover my purse. I've done it too.
  15. lol, i have done this with a grocery bag, but when it has happened i just shake my head and wonder what i am doing. we have all these great purses and here we are with our stuff in a grocery/garbage bag. what's wrong with this picture?!?! ya gotta laugh!