leather weight comparison

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  1. So..after discussing about leather possibilities with HH on our dream bags.. this question came up..How heavy is your bag..empty?
    so..I did a little experinment...

    I think it might be interesting to compare weight and leather for each bag..for muscle building reference....

    I'll start:

    Kelly 28cm TOGO retourn 1lb 13.5 oz
    (and that is 1lb more than my LV and Chanel bags)
  2. oh boy, i finally found this post. okay, well, my scale is in dd's bathroom and she's down for a nap (fingers crossed but i'm hearing noises. grrrr), so i will have to post later.
  3. Darn, I shouldn't have thrown my scale away! :P

    Fesdu, your dog is so cute!!!! :flowers:
  4. Ok, JPG Birkin in CLEMENCE is 1.6 kg or 3.5 lbs.

    I don't need to go to the gym for weights training at this rate. I don't dare weigh it with my daily necessities now.
  5. Oh my! The JPG is 1.6kg???:wtf: I'd have to swap shoulders every so often in case I got lop-sided. It would be like walkinh with weights though, so you could walk around the shops looking ultra-chic & tell yourself you'd also done your daily workout in style. Brilliant!
  6. Pretty scary huh? That's why it's not a bag I'd use if I were walking around the whole day.

    But then again, this is the lunatic who once walked back from the Tate Modern to St James's Square when London Underground was down due to a derailment (7 tube stops on the Central line + one on a change, but I'd probably have walked that anyway). :upsidedown:
  7. wrong#
    thanks for your valuable info!! and dang that JPG is something!!!

    bet carry a JPG around with style is all worth the weight!! :heart:
  8. hehe CB you r so funny!!!

    My dog says thank you.
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