leather wallets /signature bags

  1. i know its a pretty silly question but just wanted to know if u carry a leather wallet with your signature bag.
  2. This is a funny question, b/c JUST TODAY I bought a chocolate brown SIGNATURE ergo hobo, and a chocolate brown LEATHER compact clutch wallet!!! I LOVE them both!!!! :yes:
  3. I always carry my leather wallet even if I'm using a Signature bag
  4. I carry a signature wallet with a signature bag, but the next bag I buy will be leather and I think mixing signature with leather (as long as the colors match :smile:) will be really cute!
  5. I have a khaki/black carly and I thought about getting a matching wallet. I liked the look but figured for $20-$40 more I could get all leather and not have to worry about the fabric getting dirty in my bag. I just use a matching or complimentary leather color. I love the look of the signature and leather but in the long run I would rather have all leather.
  6. It doesn't really matter to me. I mix and match. I really don't switch my wallets at all. I have a sig wristlet, sig checkbook holder and a leather mini skinny that i use pretty much all the time. I think whatever works for you!
  7. A leather wallet looks great in a sig bag!
  8. Yup, I do. I have a black Coach leather wallet to wear with all my black Signature bags and I have a brown Coach leather wallet to carry with all my khaki Signature bags. Then I use my Legacy stripe wristlet as my wallet for my white Ali and rose Legacy flap because I can't find matching wallets that I like.
  9. I mainly carry leather bags with signature accessories.
  10. I use my leather chelsea wallet in Mineral with ALL my bags! I don't ever match my stuff :shame:
  11. I think it's okay. But that's just me. That sort of thing doesn't bother me. I'd carry a blue leather wallet w/ a choc. sig. bag. It doesn't matter to me. Do what you like! I don't think there is any sort of rule.
  12. yeah, I don't either. nice new hair btw!
  13. I think a leather wallet looks great with a sig bag, and vice versa. Anything too matchy matchy bugs me.

    Right now I have my Chelsea Leather Multifunction Wallet (Parchment!) in my Chocolate Sig Stripe Tote.
  14. Yes, I just got a Bleecker wine leather wallet that I plan to use with all of my bags - leather, signature, matching colors or not!
  15. Leather all the way! Wallets get the brunt of dirty hands and dirty money. It's just easier to take care of leather.