Leather vs stainlees steel?

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  1. Which in your opinion is better for a wristwatch strap? I want something versatile in terms of being dressy and that also goes as an everyday watch...

    Any suggestions?
  2. stainless steel i think. although it really depends on the style.
  3. I think stainless steel is more versatile personally.
    Leather is uncomfortable to me anyhow, it always seems 'sticky':shrugs:
  4. I personally prefer leather straps, i have a very small wrist and they just seem to fit better and look better as well.
  5. Buy stainless steel. You can always purchase straps to color coordinate later.
  6. I would also go with the stainless steel, it matches with everything and always looks nice. I especially like the stainless in the warmer weather since it won't stick to skin.
  7. Stainless steel. Leather can get sticky, cracked/wrinkly.
  8. I much prefer SS! You can get it wet without worrying.. and it lasts much longer than a leather band (I have owned both). Leather bands tend to stain at the area where you clasp it and take on the shape of the wrist.. just not as attractive as SS. Just my opinion!! :smile: