Leather versus Signature...which do you prefer and WHY?


Signature or Leather Coach handbag...which do you prefer and why?

  1. Signature Coach handbag

  2. Leather Coach handbag

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  1. Hi, everyone! After reading some of these posts about defects in some of your bags, I am trying to figure out if I should buy a signature bag OR a leather bag for the fall/winter. I normally buy signature b/c there is no care involved for it. With leather, I understand you have to moisturize it, water shield it, etc. BUT, which do you all prefer and why? Any input would be greatly appreciated and be such a HUGE help in my decision! Thanks so much!!!!
  2. well, i love the signature stuff. but i had to vote leather- at this point in my life, i think it hasa bit more staying power. also, i dont t hink i will use my signature bags w the snow and muck. plus i think leather wears better
  3. I can't vote because I have always been a signature girl.. but I am starting to convert to leather.. atleast legacy leather!! I love it.. but you almost gotta' have both!!! :wlae:
  4. The legacy leather is awsome, and there is no care involved. The wear just adds to the bags charm.
  5. Leather all the way for me. I have never been able to get into a fabric bag of any kind unless its a fun/ casual kind of tote bag. I bought 2 denim sig bags and returned them because I saw a lady in the mall carrying one and it was clearly dirty. I tried, just cant do it. And it broke my heart to return the denim tote. I love that bag!

    So I will stick with leather.
  6. I only buy the leather bags because I prefer something more understated. Anyone who is into Coach will know it's a Coach. Even if you don't keep up with the latest designs, they have a certain look to them. People who aren't into bags will just think it's a nice looking leather bag.

    Having said that, leather (particularly the ones Coach tends to use) can withstand quite a bit of water. I carried two leather Coach bags in a rainy climate for 2 years without any damage. I don't remember waterproofing either bag but I do condition all my bags every month or two.

    I had a signature that I received as a gift. In terms of maintenance it wasn't much different because I still had to moisurize the leather bottom, handles, etc. It doesn't take much extra time to just wipe over the whole bag.
  7. I like leather; it wears great usually and feels fabulous. However I do like the look of Coach's sig bags also. I guess it depends on what the bag is for, what season etc. Oh, who am I kidding, I just can't pick between them!
  8. I like both. Most of mine are signature, but I'm looking to add more leathers so I can have a nice balance of both.
  9. My initial reaction is leather but Coach is my everyday bag and for that reason I buy the signature because it's not as heavy.
  10. I like both, but I haven't really been impressed with Coach's leather bags lately. It doesn't feel as soft and buttery as it used to be.
  11. I voted Signature because its what Im initally drawn to. I love leather and have a few but for everyday use its sig for me. Plus for some reason DH love sig so thats what he perfers I get :yahoo:
  12. I'm a leather gal - I just tend to not like sig stuff, regardless of the brand (I don't like advertising a brand on anything really). I find that the few pieces I have that are sig tend to be more understated- an embossed piece where the "Cs" are the same color as the rest of the leather, a white/white duffle and a patchwork hobo - rather than large "Cs" all over the bag. It's just a matter of personal preference.

    And with the exception of protecting a parchment Carly and a white and black trimmed zoe, I don't do anything to my leather bags and they're all just fine!
  13. I voted signature, because I just like the style of the signature bags better; such as scribble & sig. stripe. I do think leather lasts longer though.
  14. I love signature. I worry that I will get scratches on all leather. Also I like my bags to have a variety of textures (like a mix of signature print, leather and suede).
  15. My bags are primarily leather but I do have a few pieces of signature that I love.