Leather variation and the ability to hold shape

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  1. I bought this bag in both choclate and black. I was testing both bags at home and the black one, which has much thinner leather does not hold its shape as well as the chocolate when I put something like a large size daily planner inside. The brown one holds up nicely in comparison. The support on the bottom of the black just kind of caves in. Is that how it is for most of these bags?
  2. Which bags did you buy? The Muse? Rive Gauche?
  3. The Muse. Sorry!
  4. I find that my Anthracite Muse is a little more boxy than my Black Muse. I think there are some variations, but that the buffalo leather in general is sort of thick. I'm surprised that the bottom would cave in--but a PFer mentioned a short time ago that hers was actually sort of squishy, so there may be A LOT more variation than just what I'm seeing in my two.