Leather v Silver Plate Tags, Dot v Underscore, Years and Changes

  1. HI all!

    Just wondering if anyone owns a 2005 Turqoise Work.. the Nicole Richie one... is the inner tag leather or silver? I know ateliernaff says all work = silver tag.. but I spotted one recently.. with a leather tag inside.. but the bag is gorgeous!!!


    Thanks heaps!
  2. dont know about turq 05 work, but my bazooka pink work and white work, both 05 i think... have NO silver tag. yes on silver tag to green canvas work and black work, more recent bags. no authenticity problem i am original owner for all 4 purchased ay bal paris, bal nyc, Barneys and aloha rag.
  3. Hey waterfalls! Any news on those b-bags from the consignment store?
  4. yes yes.. they are coming...anis.. seafoam.. lilac 2004.. i think they are going to go on eBay for me... will see them in person first to get everything checked out.

    the exchange rate is bAD! so i ended up paying heaps for them.. =( but i just can't stand the thought of NOT seeing and touching these bags in person! =)
  5. It should have leather tags. Balenciaga changed it to silver tag for fall 05'.
  6. I once sold an indigo work with leather tags. I think it came out the same season as the 05 turquoise, so I think you're right.

    waterfalls- I guess you're not going to share the location of said consignment store? :cry: :nudge nudge: you can tell me now, the bags are all safely shipped. :angel: :graucho: :smile:
  7. :heart: :heart: would love to see your your B bag collection chaussurewhore! Pls post pictures:love: :love:
  8. Is it the '1' that made you say it was fake? Sorry, just trying to educate myself.
  9. The 1 is the easiest way to figure it out for sure.
    For people who know the bags well, the colors are off, and the hardware.
    But it hangs well.
  10. Sorry I don't understand. What is the "1" that you guys are talking about?
  11. The font is wrong. The one's should be lines with no "tips" like this --> 1. It has a "tip"

  12. The 1 on the silver plate inside the bag is the wrong font. It should look like this- l
  13. According to ateliernaff some 2004 bags have the tip on the 1 (serif font) after that they became sans serif (without tip)

    But this bag's color is way off
  14. ^^ the font with the tips also looked hollow