Leather Used In Chanel Bags Clarification.

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  1. Him guys I was just curious about the leather that Chanel uses on their bags. I know that they use CAVIAR LEATHER and CALFSKIN LEATHER, but I also heard that chanel has never, ever used LAMBSKIN LEATHER on their bags is that true. I was doing so reserch on Google and I came across an eBay page that was called " How to spot a fake Chanel" and thats what they said. I was shocked because I know girls that have LAMBSKIN LEATHER on their chanels, Could they be fake!!!! :wtf:I also came across some forums here that some girls clearly states that their bags are made of LAMBSKIN LEATHER. I clearly thought chanel made LAMBSKIN, I hope i'm not wrong. :confused1:

    Here is the link to the article:

  2. Omg, I Thought Chanel Made Bags With Lambskin Leather. Someone Plz. Clearify This!!!!!!
  3. the ultimate soft is lambskin for sure, that's what the SA said and i have it...i bought it at Saks so it HAS to be real...right!?
  4. The lambskin classic flaps are made of lambskin :shrugs: Just because the Cambons are made of calfskin doesn't mean others can't be made of lambskin...does the writer even know what she's writing about?!
  5. Apparently anyone can write their own review for eBay. I've been told many times by SA's for Chanel that certain styles are made from lambskin and the softness makes me believe them.

    I looked up my NM receipt for my Ultimate Soft and it says "Lamb handbag".
  6. I'm going to remove that link since that writer obviously has NO clue.

    Caviar leather IS calfskin.
    Chanel uses, calfskin, deerskin, lambskin among others:yes:
  7. Lulu,
    No worries, that's not a reliable source anyway.
  8. lulu, I'm glad you asked about this--not everything is accurate just because eBay prints it. I don't know much about Chanel, but many of the members here are really experts.

    Thanks for the sharp eye and pointing that out.
  9. Agree! :tup: Some sources cannot be trusted.
  10. A lot of confusion could probably be avoided if Chanel posted more information on their website. I've always wondered why they don't have a selection of items for sale online.
  12. I guess this is part of their we-want-to-be-as-exclusive-as-possible campaign... They keep the public information to the minimum, thus creating an aura of mystery.
  13. even if Chanel sold items online, there still wouldn't be answers like this.
  14. The reason they don't want to post authenticity tips online is because they don't want the people that make replicas to know every little detail so they can make their replicas 100% perfect.

    Lambskin is definitely used on a lot of Chanel bags. The Camellia wallet, timeless clutch comes in lambskin, ultimate soft, flaps come in lambskin, Sharpey ligne is made of lambskin, etc etc.

    That source is absolutely ridiculous.