Leather type for D-Style bauletto?

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    Hello All,
    I'm hoping for your guidance on leather types, as I am new to Tods. I have seen loads of pics of the D-Style, but most of them are in the smooth calf. My local department store (I'm in Australia, so there is only one that carries them), has a small selection, but I noticed that they were all in a pebbled leather.

    For those who have the bag, in either leather type, what is your experience with how the types of leather wear and is one type more durable/ less scratch prone than the other? Also, is there a weight difference in the two types?

    Can anyone also clarify if the pebbled leather is simply a new development, or if it is here to stay as part of the ongoing collection?

    Thanks much in advance
    Elizabel x
  2. Hi,

    I actually have a combination of both types of leather. Parts of my D Styling Bauletto consist of smooth calf leather (e.g. handles) and the main part consists of pebbled leather. As I am using the bag as an everyday bag I preferred to have the main parts in pebbled leather. In my opinion it is much more durable and small scratches are not so visible.
    I haven't seen so many D Styling Bauletto bags in pebbled leather so far.
    BTW Will post pictures of my lovely bag in a while. Love love love it :smile:
  3. Hi Masuko
    Thanks so much for sharing your experience, I too think that pebbled shows wear and tear more slowly than smooth leather! I'd be thrilled if you shared photos! :woohoo::yahoo:

  4. I can't speak as to whether the pebbled texture is new to Tod's since I haven't been shopping Tod's long enough but I have seen this season several pebbled leather D-styling bags on the Nordstrom, Farfetch and MyTheresa websites. HTH!

    Also the Miky bags I've seen in person have pebbled leather, and they didn't seem heavier than the smooth leather bags.
  5. Hi again....
    I will def check all the sites, thanks BonBonz!

    Also....I went to the department store today to check out the bag and discovered, much to my surprise that the bag I have been eyeing is the piccolo, not the medium....I am surprised the piccolo is as big as it is for a bag called piccolo! Unfortunately, they have no mediums in stock, so in terms of size what is the better option? I think the piccolo is a generous handbag size, I assume the medium is more like a hold all? Can anyone comment on this?

    The price is $1500 AUD, which is roughly the same in USD. How does that price stack up?

    Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Elizabel

    Can believe I bumped into you in Tods sub-forum and the funniest part is, we actually eyeing on the same bag!! :p

    I received a d-style bauletto in the piccolo size about 2 weeks ago. I got the smooth leather one because I don't think the color that I'm after comes in the pebbled/textured leather. I should admit it does require a little more care (not as durable as our Fendi 2jours I guess :graucho:). However, the leather & workmanship of the bag is superb IMO and the other day I was trying to remove a small scratch on my bag just by rubbing my finger onto it and it worked! I read this little trick from the ladies in the Celine sub-forum ;).

    The piccolo size is a great everyday bag and it is surprisingly spacious. The medio/medium will definitely be too big for my liking. did you go to David Jones Bourke Street? I totally agree with you, their selection is poor. I went there last time and they only have 1 d-styling bauletto piccolo in smooth leather on display!! you might want to consider places like mytheresa or farfecth.com? I've bought bags from both sites before and had wonderful experiences, particularly with mytheresa.

    keep us updated, will ya? :biggrin:

  7. Here it is!! I am so in love with this bag. The colour, the two types of leather, the craftsmanship. The bag is simply a dream :cloud9::love::loveeyes::heart:
  8. :party::woot::happydance:

    OMG!!!!! That is SO lovely!!!!!!! Amazing colour....is that the medium? Gorgeous colour :loveeyes:

    QUOTE=Masuko;24142173]Here it is!! I am so in love with this bag. The colour, the two types of leather, the craftsmanship. The bag is simply a dream :cloud9::love::loveeyes::heart:[/QUOTE]
  9. Hi Malvs!
    I already know that you have exquisite taste, so not at all surprised to find you here;)

    Yes, I've perused the dimensions and would agree with you that the piccolo would be ample on a daily basis, I think the tendency is to want to go bigger, but actually, in this case, small is big enough!

    Yes, David Jones....alas, our only connection to the designer world in some respects...that's where I have spent time checking out the Tod's range...so limited....they have the bag that I want, piccolo in a pebbled leather, colour is called Cret....I have searched on all the suggested sites, but as yet cannot locate this version...is there somewhere else to try?

    Where did you get your? And when might we see pics?:graucho:

  10. [/QUOTE]
    Hi Elizabel,

    Yes, it is the Medium version. This size most suits me.

  11. Aww - thanks! :hugs: you also do have an impeccable taste (saw you lurking around in the Givenchy sub-forum as well:graucho:) and honestly saying I was considering Givenchy Antigona as my next purchase but that's another story! :p

    Is it the pale grey color that you after? I'll keep an eye out and let you know if something pops up. surprisingly the Tod's bag price at David Jones is pretty good compared to buying from the US so if at the end you can't find your bag from overseas maybe it's not such a bad idea after all to get it from DJ.

    If you go to the reference thread you'll be able to see the picture of my bag but the lighting was poor at that time so I will try to take a better picture next time ;)
  12. Hi Malvs!!

    Ahem...yes...that's me lurking in the Givenchy sub forum too...:shame:

    You are right about the price and here is news....David Jones have 20% off all bags until COB Sunday...excluding Prada, Dior, MiuMiu and Burberry....BUT it applies to Fendi, Tod's and absolutely everything else:graucho:

    So, all I need to say is: HURRY in there....

    I now have, in my possession....one bauletto piccolo in Cret in my possession...:p

    Yes, have pondered the Antigona also....but it is a problem that the handles are not hinged and stick into my armpit....so....I should be safe....:sweatdrop:

    Let me know if you go...I can't trust myself to go back...

  13. Yay! Congrats! :yahoo: Pics please!!

    Thanks for the info but think I'll pass (trying to be good this year and stick to the list:angel:) I was considering either a medium antigona or a second fendi 2jours but I don't know if I can justify having 2 fendi 2jours :thinking:

    I'm going to Hong Kong & Singapore in November so was thinking if maybe I should just wait til then. Price wise maybe won't be much different with Australia but they sure have more selections :graucho:
  14. I'll have to wait until the app is up again before I can do photos....I checked out your bag though....it's a gorgeous colour, almost like a berry colour, right? :love:

    Did you get that at DJ? :graucho:

    What about a Chameleon or a Nightingale????
  15. If you check out reebonz.com, they currently have tods on sale. There's also a special offer, 40 % off for second item purchased. I got my dbag from them last mth, love it!