Leather trim separating on NF GM - normal?!

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  1. I just noticed this. I bought in November or beginning of December 2013. Is this normal? How disappointing either way!

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  3. Ouch! I'm not sure if it's normal, but having gone through most of the NF clubhouse thread, I don't recall that being an issue? I've had my mono NF for over 2 yrs, and it hasn't done that (I don't baby my bags and I probably abuse this one).
  4. Hmm then I guess it is abnormal. My Delightful hasn't done this and that bag has been abusers. Too bad they probably can't even do an even exchange since introducing the new neverfull. Maybe it's still worth having the store look at it but I will be angry to have to repair a five month old bag...
  5. I had the exact same issue with my Delightful. After 3 months of very light use, the trim starting separating. I took it into the LV boutique where I purchased from, they took photos and a few days later agreed to repair it at no cost. It takes about 6 weeks but hoping they do a good job when I get the bag back.