Leather treatment for Python Handbag

  1. Hi gals:
    I thought that I ask you gals for your expertise.
    My sister bought a python handbag from Asia and she loves it. She wants to know if there is any leather treatment that she could use to protect the skin.
    We read somewhere that for python handbags, we need to ensure that they're protected from rain, water, etc. So my sister is wondering if there's any waterproof spray or similar item that we could apply to protect it.
  2. ^ I use a spray called 'Universal All Protector' by KIWI, (that's an old brand, most good shoeshops carry it) - it's a clear, silicon-based substance, and dries without leaving any marks. I use it on all naked leathers, including python (see the treated pod vs. the untreated skin on the pic). You will need to re-apply it from time to time...
  3. Thank you so much for the info, friponne. So basically any universal protector that is for leather should do it 'right?

    I think the pic that you attached is matte python skin. It is beautiful. My sis got the Glossy one I think.