leather thickness

  1. OK, so I have two B bags - olive and ink blue Day messengers. I want a bag with thick leather, but I don't know if the bags I have currently have thicker leather relatively. I also kind of like the veinyness and stiffness in bags (and in other things:graucho:). If I call BalNY and do a chargesend, can I ask for one with thick leather?
  2. Yes. Just be specific and tell them you do not want it if it's thin and veiny.They will tell you if they don't have what you are looking for. I like Daphne and Kim, both are very helpful.
  3. Ask for Terry. He's so nice and will help you pick the right bag for you.

  4. The only male at BNY is Joseph and he is nice. The other one mentioned above is infamous.
  5. Indeed she is....lol She was the one who did my charge send before. Maybe I didn't sound rich enough for her to be nice to me. lol
  6. ^^ ask for daphne or kim, both dolls :tender: