Leather texture on Jillians and Adas

  1. I've always liked the look of Jillians and Adas because of their bumpy and interesting looking textured leather (rather crocodile like!). However, I'm wondering if these type of bags can be bought on-line, sight unseen, and still receive the wonderful textured look that one expects. Ie are these bags all pretty much the same as far as the bumpiness (no smooth bits) goes, or are there some that end up more beautiful than others because they were made out of a better patterned piece of leather? I ask because sometimes I've seen pics on eBay and they look great, but others look uninspiring. I'm wondering if these type of bags need visual inspection and comparing a few of the same bag side by side, in order to pick 'the best one'. Any thoughts from those who have seen a number of these bags?
  2. Mini....if when you say "bought on-line", you mean from the Kooba site or Revolve, or anything but eBay......I will bet you will have no problem with the texture of the leather on Jillians and Adas.
  3. Yes, Compass Rose, I'm thinking of from Revolve, but just wondered if each bag is different, since leather can differ from bag to bab.
  4. Yes, every bag is different with variations in the leather. Some bumpier than others maybe some has one sid emore bumpy that the other. This has never bothered me in thes ebags becaus eall that bumby texture is what makes the bag. An even cookie cutter bag wouldn't look natural. But it's true that one might suit you better than another.
  5. Yes, the texture can vary as shown in my bumpy Jessie. But I happen to adore this variation and feel it is what Kooba does best.
  6. I guess my main concern is what if I order from Revolve, for delivery to our US address, and then when I get home in a few months time, the Jillian doesn't look as good as other Jillians (due to not quite so good patterning/texturing), it would be too late to exchange it. I guess I would have to hope I'm lucky or else buy from a retail store, where you can choose from whatever they've got in stock. Revolve seems like too good a good deal to pass up though, especially if I use the first time buyer discount. I'd almost be tempted to get it in sand and bourbon at that price.
  7. Hi Mini, I know what you mean. Those prices at Revolve right now are great. I've been debating betwen bourbon and sand. (I had a black one for a day or two but returned it as it had a stain inside.) The bag is just a great size. I have been hoping that Kooba might re-do it for fall with different colors so I've been sort of waiting it out.
  8. I'm pretty sure that Kooba will not be rereleasing Jillians or Adas. I have a friend who knows people at Kooba. The Fall bags are all new designs. I'd jump on a bag now before they are too hard to find.
  9. :blush: I couldn't resist it. Those Jillians at Revolve Clothing are too good a value to pass up. I've just ordered a sand and a bourbon at $219.10 each (using the 30% first time buyer's discount). My Kooba spending has now got to stop... unless I find a bargain Jessie khaki.
  10. Good for you Mini. Did you already have a Jillian? If not, you are in for a treat. A friend of mine had an Ada in Bourbon she didn't want so she let me buy it from her. I already had ones years ago and it was so heavy but I missed that bag ever since. And since I have no Bourbon colored bags (which is one of the colors I love) now I feel complete.....or complete until the next bag comes along.
  11. Lexie, I feel obscene at buying two Jillians. I haven't even received my Maria yet! I've never seen an Ada or Jillian in real life, so I'm hoping the leather is going to blow me away. I'm having them delivered to a friend of mine in Colorado Springs, who's coming back out to Saudi in August, so I won't have too long to wait (although it's going to feel like it). I haven't told hubby yet, but heck, how could I pass up Jillians at $219.10??? I'd be a fool to let them go. I love the look of the Ada too, it's been very tempting seeing them on eBay the past few weeks. PLEASE post pics of yours, I just love that bag. All I've got left on my Kooba 'want' list is a Jessie in khaki and possibly an Ada (if I find I like the Jillian leather), but not sure whether it would be in bourbon or sand. Sounds like a reasonably short list... until the fall collection comes out... God how I'm hoping I'll hate them!!!
  12. Well, Minimouse, there's nothing to do but sit and wait until August with visions of Jillians dancing in your head. You won't be disappointed, I tell ya. The leather will blow you away.
  13. Hee, hee Compass Rose, how am I going to remain composed until August? It's going to be so hard. I'm going to have a major blowout with photographs as soon as they arrive and you poor guys will be the poor recipients! I did ask Revolve if they could ship to me here, but alas no. Thank God for friends and our housekeeper in the States!!!
  14. It must be really tough being out of the country. It seems like TropicalGal has the same problem in Mexico...she has to make a trip to the US about two or three times a year to get what she wants. And, so much for instant gratification. I don't know how you do it. All in all, you will Love Love Love your new Koobas, and when you get them, you will understand what Lexie and I were saying about the sturdiness and yet suppleness of the textured leather. Nothing can beat it, really.
  15. Excellent buy Mini....

    I debated whether to buy the bourbon or sand when I bought my Ada. As you probably know I went for the Sand. Its such a nice colour IRL! :yes: and its a great 'Saudi' shade. Mind you the Bourbon is too! I love that colour so much, that Im always on the lookout for a bourbon Jessie or Paige, and then my Kooba collection will be complete!
    Cant wait to see your Jillians!!!!!