Leather Texture on Black Soho, is this ok????

  1. I got the 10909 Soho Small Flap in Black, all leather, and I noticed that the one I got has a rougher leather texture than the rest that were in the store. Is there a way I can make it seem smoother and shinier? I swear that none of the other purses felt like this one does...it smells really leathery too.

    I had a different one but exchanged it because it had a thousand scuffs on it (I got it at an outlet). Is there a way to get scuffs out of all leather purses??
  2. It may be just the texture of the leather, some are finer grained than others. As long as it's consistent over the whole bag, it wouldn't bother me, it's when some parts are smooth and shiny and others are rougher looking that I don't care for it. As far as getting scuffs out, conditioner should work, as long as the care card says that you can use the conditioner on it. You can't on some of the leathers.