Leather tear in caviar leather - does it bother you?

  1. Hi all, just want to see how you gals feel about leather tears in caviar leather, which actually happen quite often.

    Remember I got a red caviar med. flap with the new chain when I passed by the SCP boutique last month? Well, as most of the chanel bags nowadays that aren't in 100% perfect condition, mine has some leather tears on the side where the leather bend (is the edge of the interior pocket). I tried to take pics to show you but my camera just loses focus when I get too close....I know it is not that noticable unless you actually inspect the bag up close.

    I know no more red med caviar flap will be in the US, as the Hawaii boutique actually called me Thursday that the reason why they have not received the bag (I waitlisted it back in Januray, and by now all the summer act 2 stuff got to be in) is that Paris CANCELLED their order with no reason given! So, I think I am considered lucky to happen to run into the SCP boutique and saw the bag I have wanted forever on the shelf!!

    I know I am keeping the bag as I really love the red color and I know I will not be able to exchange or return and there's just no more on the face of earth (ok, maybe just no more red med. caviar in the US..). But I don't know if I am just too picky or what since I have seen lots of caviar bags having the same leather tear issue (the leather is just too hard and stiff so where it bends leather tears occur.)

    Help me to have a peace of mind plz. would the leather tear issue really bother you that much?
  2. yeah......it would bother me a lot ! but its just me....i don't like imperfections on my bags :p and since they charge a high price on those bags i would expect preminium quality on them. :nogood:
  3. ^ i know, but to be honest nowadays you just can't really find a perfectly made chanel bag...I can always find some imperfection!
  4. really???^^^how about the chains? Do they break easily? Do Chanel bags look "worn out" easily? For the price, I am terrified that I will buy one and the leather will tear, or the chain will break. I guess for the price I would expect it to look perfect forever....lol!
  5. When I was a lot younger, I wanted everything to be perfect and stay perfect. That usually meant I didn't wear my stuff enough to get my moneys worth, because I was "saving" it.

    Now, I just use everything and if it gets a bit worn or develops a tear, I just can't worry about it.

    I've learned that in a few years, or even a few months, something new is going to come in that I want even more. So, I just use what I have... and if it "wears" or "tears", I try not to let it bother me.

    Just enjoy your bag! :smile:
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  6. well, no, the chain won't break, and the caviar leather won't look worn-out. Caviar leather itself is very durable, it's just that where it bends, there might be a small leather tear because the caviar leather is a bit hard and stiff.
  7. Actually the more chanel bags I got the less I am obsessed with the mission of finding that perfectly made one, because pretty much most that I have seen and touched in the store just aren't perfect to start with. And I know when I start using the bag it will not bother me as much.
  8. well said jayne.

    although i don't know exactly the imperfeciton you're describing, but don't let it bother you too much, it sounds fairly minor, just enjoy your bag.
  9. Thanks, yea, I don't think the tear can get worse so let it be the way it is and I know I should enjoy it, it truly is a gorgeous bag and I think I am still lucky that I found it.
  10. I would take it in for repair. Although the bag may be gone for a few months, it would be free.
  11. Definitely would bother me, i would get it fixed.
  12. i don't think they can really fix it.....i mean it's the leather itself, how are they gonna fix it? replace an entire piece of leather?
  13. Where is the tear exaclty, I didn't understand where the edge of the interior pocket is? Is it inside the bag?
  14. It would bother me to no end. I dwell on those things.
  15. I know exactly what you're talking about! The purple clutch I bought last fall had those tears on the inside and they REALLY bothered me! Every time I opened the bag, I saw those two tears (where the stitches were), and I felt like I was ripped off (I paid full price and got an imperfect bag!). So, I returned it. But in your case, the bag is extremely hard to find, so I wouldn't worry about it! The tears are not going to make the bag fall apart! Just enjoy your beauty!