Leather swingpack..in black or mahogany?

  1. I agree with you. I normally like Black, but in this case, the Mahogany looks great. If it looks like it does in the picture, I would go with the brown for the fall.
  2. im actually not as fond as i thought i would be with the leather pigmentation with the stitching.. i would actually opt for the white surprisingly. but if not white then the mahogany. i love the pebbled leather though, never felt anything like it.
  3. Mahogany for sure...I saw it today and it is freakin GORGEOUS!!
  4. My first choice would be the white, too, but the mahogany is gorgeous!
  5. Definitely the mahogany! Although, I am a little bias seeing as (all shades of) brown is my favorite color :smile:
  6. I like the maghogany best, but the white is also nice too.
  7. I actually saw them IRL today and i love the white the best! it looks great with the wine colored strap and stiching.

    I love the mahogany too but I think the white is the most unique. It shows off the pebbled leather better.

    Thanks for your input ladies!
  8. Go with what you like the best. Your best bet would be to see them in person. :yes: