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  1. So I have to go to bed now but I wanted to share what happened to me today. I was walking around downtown where I live, Salem mass. It is a tourist town and there are a lot of shops restaurants etc. I went into this new store that has been around for maybe a year but I just haven't been in that area for a while so I was curious to go in and look around. well, I saw this nice black leather bag, not really a designer bag, it was a shoulder bag and there was this dogleash closure so it changed the shape when attached and it had double adjustable straps, it was nice soft black leather so I tried it on and the owner started talking to be about it etc. Then we got on the topic of Coach bags and she was like " I have this pleather coach knockoff and the quality of leather is not that much worse than the real thing" My jaw dropped and I was like "huh" So she was comparing a plastic leather bag to a genuine leather Coach bag and saying that they were the same and "it's only 60 bucks" and how she is really "picky" about what she buys. Then to my horror, I saw a fake silver metallic prada satchel on the shelf, an ugly blue and white signature very bad fake coach checkbook wallet on the counter. So I didn't want to be all combative with her I just said that I had never seen that style before but whatever it was was trying to be a tote but nothing like anything real from coach that I had ever seen. so I looked at one other nice red teardrop leather bag and then left. When I turned back to the store(something made me look) I saw a large khaki fake signature bag hanging in the window. People definitley act like this is ok and there is nothing illegal about it around here !
  2. awww thats a bummer.

    maybe you should have a fake bag burning in your back yard and invite all the merchants....hahaha totally kidding

    off topic: i totally want to go to salem during halloween next year!
  3. Eww. Just eww.
  4. Halloween here is the best time ! You definitely have to have a few days leading up to halloween and then get out early on the actual day. They break things up kinda early to avoid trouble. It is a great time, lots to do and see. We go to events the whole month starting with the night parade the kicks off the season, it is cool !
  5. if they really think there's no difference in quality between the fake and the real thing... then they deserve the craptitude of the fake. ;) not that that makes it ok. but more real coach bags for the rest of us!
  6. Its disheartening that so many people are no big deal about it.
  7. report them