Leather Spy Question

  1. I just got my first spy!! I love it!! My question is do I need to weatherproof the leather? I think I remember reading something about this, but I'm not sure. If someone can let me know what to do I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. I didnt waterproof mine...I just dont wear it in the rain!!!
  3. I just got my spy and I asked the SA about this. She said not to put any kind of treatment on the bag. I was going to waterproof mine but now I am just going to leave it in case it affects the leather or something. For the price they cost, I am not risking it! :flowers:
  4. I do not waterproof my spy bags, and they seem to be fine - even thru the rain :smile:
  5. I didn't waterproof mine, and it's been through pouring rain and it's totally fine. :yes:
  6. I didn't waterproof any of mine.
  7. Thanks so much everyone!! I guess I will just leave it alone!:yes: