Leather Splitting?

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  1. Hey guys! :smile:
    I have a question for you. My mom has an Ali and the leather strap that holds the o-ring on the base of the strap is split.. have any of you had that happen with your Ali's or other bags? Did you send it in to Coach? It seems like they will be able to repair it but it will probably take a new piece of that strap so she is hesitant if they can do it or not. Just though I would check in and see if anyone has had this happen? :shrugs:
    TIA! :tup:
  2. Here is a pic:

    This is the normal Side:
    This is the split side:
  3. Hi, That's happened to mine and I'm wondering the same thing. I showed it to a SA but she didn't seem too concerned (I think she was new). I've been meaning to go to the store again and ask a more experienced SA what to do.
  4. Well my friends, I did some research because a few of my Ali's are starting to do this, I think it's because of the weight/stress on that part of the bag. frankly some are probably applied better . . . this is a response I received from a leather/shoe repair business . . .

    What they use for the edges is a urethane color coating to cover the raw edges. The problem for you, is they are the only ones who can duplicate this process. I think it is wise to return it to coach and have it done properly. We as repair shops have products to refinish the leather part but not the same for the edges.

    All the edges of the leather have this urethane coating, however, around the o-ring, there is a double edge always under stress. Coach will repair this, I am not appreciating the thought of sending them in.
  5. Hmm.. yeah it's not a HUGE deal right now, but it's an expensive bag and newer and it's sad that it has done that already :tdown:

    Wow.. especially if a few of yours are doing it.. that tells me something is definitely wrong. :nogood: I wonder if they will be able to repair it? I think they would, but I have even sent a bag in that just had a loose stitch and they said they couldn't repair it. :shrugs:
  6. I will tell your Mom to send it in. It's so expensive of a purse to be doing this way.
  7. Mine was like this when I bought it. i did not realize it. I used it for about 2 days and it was sitting on my desk. I was looking at it and noticed it. I have not used it since. I also have not gotten around to sending it in. I am afraid they will say they cannot repair it and I only used it for a total of 6 hours tops. It kinda makes me mad. I reallly don't think it is a matter of stress on that part, more than likely it was a fault in the manufacturing process.
  8. Wow :wtf: This is no good at all!!! It does sound more and more like a problem from manufacturing.. it's sad hearing about everything falling apart lately! I am glad they have the great warranty, but I would rather just have a great product that I can keep! :yes:
  9. Wow that is incredible! Thanks for posting though, I'll be keeping a sharp eye on my Ali. I will be so sad if this happens to her. Please let us know what Coach says!
  10. Yeah, I will! :tup: It's frustrating.. as much as I hear about the Carly fraying I still have one and love it.. but I just noticed yesterday the bottom corner is starting to fray. :cry:
  11. Last year, I purchased a Mandy brand new. I hardly used it and noticed in December the same thing was happening to the bag that happened to your Mother's Ali. Immediately after Christmas, I took the bag to the COACH store to be repaired. Within six weeks, I received a letter along with a catalog in the mail. The letter indicated that they could not repair the bag but they gave me full replacment value ($845) towards a new COACH handbag.

    I suggest taking the bag to to COACH for repair sooner rather than later because there is a time limit on when the company will send you full-replacement value vs. a 40% coupon towards a new purchase. It depends on how long the item that needs repair has been manufactured/released. In my case, the Mandy was less than one year old.
  12. Wow that really s*cks!!! That is definitely a big deal as far as I am concerned. If the bag cant take weight put on it, what good is it? Tell your mom to bring it in immediately and let us know what happens. Im sure she doesnt want to give up her Ali, but to me that only looks like it will worsen over time, and thats just not acceptable.
  13. Both of my new Alis look normal there and nicely coated edges. This makes me sad that there may be a pending defect ready to happen one day. Sigh. Now I wonder if I shouldn't just return one or both of my bags and get my money back.
  14. Really depressing. I would definitely say to take it in. They probably can't repair it because that would be sending it back to China, right? Unless they contract with someone in the states for repairs, it would not be cost effective for them to send it back. Someone in JAX probably gets the bag for free, or they send it back to China to be recycled. JMO
  15. Not all my Ali's are doing this, but it makes me say hmmmmm. . . . I have 8. I wrote to CS, they of course send an automated response offering to repair. Ha ha ha! Will I eventually be sending in 8 Ali's? My black one is the worst. I remember someone sending theirs in for this repair a while back. It is disturbing to me, it is the only Coach bag I really like . . . and they aren't making anymore.

    I wanted to find out if I could fix it myself, because i know there is leather glue! If they can't repair it, they should get ready to "credit" 8Ali's.

    Repairs go Jax not China, right?