Leather split but I love Bal NY. Kim is the best!!!

  1. Yesterday evening, I went out with my grey 06 First and noticed the leather split at the corner of the two buckles. I think I read somewhere here about this problem but it didn't stop me from buying b-bag. At first, I was thinking about letting it go and live with this flaw. However, I only got this bag a bit over 2 weeks ago! :yucky: So I decided to take pictures and sent them to Kim and see what they can do for me.

    This morning, Kim called and left the voicemail. At first, she said that she couldn't open the picture files and the best thing was for me to send the bag in and see if they can fix it. Note that before I bought this bag from her, I did mention that someone raised the concern about the leather quality. By the time I called her back, she managed to open the files. Before I even said anything, she just told me to ship the bag back and she sends out the new one or I can pick the new fall colors. She said she can send out as many bags to me as I want as the consignments. So I can choose the one I want and send the rest back (Of course, I pay to ship the bags back). So I asked her to send Grey 06, Cement and Blueberry all in First. :amuse: They should arrive tomorrow. I will take the pictures so everyone can see.

    I will love Grey 06 even more after see Bridget's twiggy. The leather is so soft and it smells so good!!! However, Kim said that the leather for f/w06 is even softer!!! Well, we'll see.

    Now, I just have to be careful with myself and not keeping all three bags!! :Push:

    Anyhow, here are the pictures of the leather split. I also post the pictures of my current collection, including grey 06. I have to say that Ink city is way too awesome. :heart: The leather is so soft and the color changing is amazing. I'm not so sure about Magenta but I got so many compliments on it. I should be getting Ink Weekender soon but what I want most is Mustard First!!! :sick:

    Sorry for random thoughts and rumbling. I just have no time to post and read every thread. My DH actually reads the forum and summarizes for me. :roflmfao:
    IMG_0736.JPG IMG_0738.JPG IMG_0741.JPG IMG_0744.JPG
  2. did you get that shoe bag from Barneys NY in beverly hills! looks great!

    yea, i think the cracking is common in the new leather, but awesome outcome!!! post pictures of all of them before you send them back ok? =D
  3. I'm glad everything worked out. Yes, please post pics!
  4. awe, i'm sorry 'bout your bag, but so happy that kim's taking good care of you :yes:...i think her, daphne & sarah are super sweet :heart:
  5. luv, that's really great that kim's sending you those bag to choose from. it's going to be a tough decision! what if you like them all!:whistle:
  6. thats great that they change it luvpurse :smile: post pics when you them
  7. I'm glad they will take care of it for you.

    But wait did anyone else notice that luvpurse's DH reads the forum and summarizes for her?! Lucky girl - my DH would never read the forum for me if I was too busy.
  8. Do they have the cement first in stock right now? If not, then when?
  9. oooh, i love ur collection...
    i'm drooling over ur magenta
  10. Luvpurse, I am sorry that this has happened, but how awesome of Kim at BalNY to take care of you! Three to choose from - that will be soooo hard! Looking forward to seeing the pictures when you receive them. Any one of them will be a great addition to your lovely collection!

    I wish you well,

  11. Wow! Kim at BalNY is fantastic! I may have to place my next BalNY order with her! That's awesome that she is sending you three bags to choose from! :biggrin:
  12. OMG, no waaaaaaaaaay, that's the cutest thing ever :P