Leather Softening ?

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  1. Anybody have a good product to soften the leather of a vintage Aigner bag?
    Found one on Ebay that is exactly like my old bag,except doesn't have rips in the lining. But it's so STIFF !

    I'd like to make it softer if that's possible
  2. Poo! i was hoping someone had a reply because i have the same problem with the strap of my all time favorite bag. :sad:
  3. I don't have an answer. You could ask on the Coach Forum Rehab. They might give some suggestions for you. Good Luck!!
  4. Someone I talked with near me recommended Olive Oil. I haven't tried that yet but they swear it works
  5. I would try calling these folks and seeing if their product works on handbags.

    They are some of the nicest folks in the Ferrari world and specialize in leather restorations.

    I know that when I bought my Ferrari convertible the leather was pretty stiff and dirt was deep down inside the leather....after a few applications the leather was restored completely and the color actually came out. I'll see if I can find a pic of the initial application where I did a side by side comparo because I wanted to see if their product lived up to its reputation.


    I used their Rejuventor Oil & Pristine Clean.
  6. I took a high-res photo but this forum won't let me upload anything high-quality....ugh...

    So....all I did to test this product was the very front thigh bolster. You can see the difference in the color alone....the leather became so much softer and pliable.

    What's funny is that I didn't even notice all the dirt in my leather until I used their product on the right side.

    Here is a pic. Hope you'll be able to discern the details. :smile:

    Hope this helps!

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  7. Read on one of the LV threads of a few who left their bags in the trunk of their car on a hot day for a few hours and it softened their bag.
  8. If you clicked on that link I left you would have seen that THAT is exactly part of their process.

    After you apply the Rejuvenator Oil you park your car outside on a hot day. What this does is lets the leather get hot and all of the dirt in it floats to the surface while the oil soaks into it giving it its natural compounds back, thereby softening it and giving it its color back. :smile:
  9. I just looked back to see if anyone has found any ideas and they have :smile:
    Thanks so much for the useful information! I will contact the company 355F1 mentioned and see if their products will work on hand bags. Wouldn't really see any reason why it wouldn't.
  10. I am trying out Leatherique now for my vintage Chanel lambskin...
    I've applied Rejuvenator oil twice and am waiting for it to soak in before i use the Pristine Clean.
  11. Any good leather moisturizer / lotion would help to soften the leather, plus normal use will transform vintage cracky leather back to normal soft leather.
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  12. Would not have thought of that.

  13. Lobb's London has a special leather care kit that works on the same principle, only they recommend furious polishing (which will also create heat)