leather smells

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  1. this may sound like a cheesy sounding question, but here goes...

    i'm new to balenciaga and i recently purchased my second balenciaga, a black city. i bought it second-hand. anyway, does the nice leather smell eventually go away depending on age of the bag? mine is a 2004 model and although it is in excellent used condition, it doesn't really have that leather smell to it like my first bag did. i previously had the "first" model, but i love this one so much better because it is so much more roomier.

    thanks for the help guys and girls!
  2. Some of my bags smell more and some less. I am not sure that it is totally time related. However, I would suspect that leather could smell less with time. It might also depend on how much it had been used and whether it was stored in the open or bagged/boxed???