leather signature?

  1. Does anyone know if Coach will be making any other styles with the leather signature?

    I like the Hamptons leather signature medium carryall, but I'm afraid that if I buy it I won't use it often because it's an armpit bag. I really wish they'd make more styles with the leather signature!!
  2. Anyone? I know the Hamptons flap satchel also is leather signature... but any future styles with this material?? I really, really like the leather signature and would love more style selection!!
  3. I know they have the Hampton Hobo and pouch on the website
  4. Oh, thanks!!

    Hmmmm... Not really liking the hobo or pouch, though... I'd like them to make a whole collection out of the leather signature. Hehe. I want something nice and roomy, with clean lines, and long enough straps where it's not an armpit bag.
  5. Last year there was the leather signature taffy...a small roll bag with a long strap! Still loving that one! I am a big fan of leather signature too, and hope they make the bags in some new, bigger styles. The leather signature carryall doesn't look that good...too serious and waaaaay mature looking. I think the pouch and taffy look cuter. And wonder why they don't make a wristlet this year. Last year they had one, but I wish the leather signatures are on both sides.
  6. Do you have a photo of the taffy?

    Nevermind. I just looked it up on e-bay. It's cute but way small for me.