Leather shoulder bag.. Ali or Bleeker?

  1. Ok, so my PCE high is over and I'm obsessing over a new bag.... AGAIN! I know I'm crazy but I also know you all would understand. :s

    I really want a leather shoulder bag in black or brown and I've been scoping out eBay for an Ali but I also like the new Bleeker large flap. Which one do you think I will love longer? I can't stand this "buy a new bag and get tired of it in 2 weeks" thing. I want to LOVE this one and carry it a long time (at least until the next PCE...;))

    I love the striped legacy lining and also the soft legacy leather of the Ali. I missed this style last year so I haven't owned one yet. But, I also like carrying a Coach bag that is brand new (thus the Bleeker).

    OH, I can't decide! Help!
  2. I vote for the Ali. It's so spacious without looking like a ginormous bag, and I think it's stylish without being trendy. I think you'll get a much longer life out of your Ali--I have one in black and one in whiskey and they are my all time favorite Coach bags.

    ok. I'm biased. I think the bleeker is nice, but Ali gets my vote!
  3. I also vote Ali. Sounds like you love her more anyway, and Coach is coming out with new bags all the time, so the new style wouldn't bother me too much. The Ali is a great all around timeless bag imo. Let us know what you decide! :tup:
  4. I think Ali is a better looking bag between the two. I also like the drop length on the Ali better than the Bleecker AND I'm not too fond of that big horse and buggy stamp which is so obvious on the all leather Bleeckers. I vote Ali too!!!:tup:
  5. As an Ali owner, I vote for Ali! I'm not loving the bleekers all that much!
  6. As the owner of brown (yes, brown, not whiskey) and black Alis, get the Ali! It is the only bag that I do not get sick of!
  7. DITTO! I am not liking that big horse and buggy stamped right on the front of the Bleeckers either!!! :nogood: I vote Ali! :tup: But I vote for BLACK b/c the brown one will show staining and water spots when it rains! Though the brown IS very pretty too...EH...I vote ALI !!!!!
  8. Ali all the way!! The only Bleeker styles I like are the duffles.
  9. I love my bleeker flap bag alot but there's one bag I love more... the legacy slim flap which is like Ali but a bit slimmer. Have you considered that one? I can fit everything I need in it and it's very comfortable. I've sold off my Ali's because I find the slim flap easier to carry for me. JAX still has the slim flap in leather (item number 10327) in white (less than 10), black, whiskey, natural and camel and in signature (item number 10338) in khaki/gold, khaki/white, brown/brown, khaki/beet and khaki/ebony. If you have your heart set on the Ali though, I'd recommend black. I don't own black myself but I think it's very pretty in this style!
  10. Ali!!! :tup:
  11. I do like both. But, I like the shorter strap drop length on the Ali better! I wish they still made her!!!
  12. ALI>>>>>hands down. It has a style that will be timeless. It is so comfy and big enough to handle any task. Absolutely ALI!!!!!!!!! That legacy stripe:yahoo: lining always brightens may day when I open it!!!!
  13. I don't like the Bleeker line at all, so my vote goes to the Ali. I still haven't used my white one since I'm waiting for the Apple conditioner to arrive, but I'm excited!! The Ali is a very nice bag!!
  14. Ok, I'm back. I've been gone all day and I'm so glad you guys like the Ali because that's the one my heart truly wants (I think). I was actually leaning towards the black leather Ali because I think the legacy lining just pops with the black. I also have a legacy stripe scarf I could tie on, if I feel so led.

    tlloveshim, Thanks for all the info about the slim flap. I think the bigger Ali will work better for me, because I usually carry larger bags and need room for lots of stuff. I SO wish I could just order one though, It is tempting to get the slim flap knowing I can just order it.

    Does anyone know the original retail price of the leather Ali and the slim flap?
  15. GREAT decision!!! :yahoo: I THINK the retail price of leather Ali is $498 and leather slim flap $458. I just returned a signature slim flap b/c it dented in on ONE side and looked ridiculous! The manager deemed it a defect. Keep in mind slim flap DOES NOT STAND up on it's own. That bothered me as well! Ali is a MUCH better choice, and black is PERFECT b/c it wont show scratches OR stains!!!!!! You can order this bag through your boutique to save on shipping as well. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your pics when you get her!!!!!