Leather satchel in Bordeaux

  1. I've been looking for a roomy bag for many months for traveling. I've looked at other brands but now I found the MJ leather satchel in bordeaux. From the description I love everything about the bag, but I have some Qs.

    • J.J. Style
    • Choose Bordeaux or chocolate leather.
    • Gold-tone hardware.
    • Top handles; zip top.
    • Front zip pocket with turn-lock closure.
    • Printed cotton lining.
    • 10"H X 14"W X 7"D.
    • Imported.


    1) since it's imported does anyone know where it is made?
    2) does it have compartments inside?
    3) is it heavy?
    4) will it fit on the shoulder?

    More than anything I need a shoulder bag not a handheld. I'm 5 foot 2 inches and on the heavy side so my arms are not spindly thin!

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Dang! - Another leather color to love!
    If you have any MbyMJ near you in stores I'd try it on. I am not spindly armed either and have found some of the styles (like my Teri) a little tight under arm. The Faridah has good arm room for shoulder bag.
    Overall, MbyMJ bags are much lighter weight than MJ collection due to cotton interiors. But leather exquisite.
  3. I want to run to the stores now, but I can't since I have no idea how to get to NM and with a 3 year old and one year old shopping is a pain!

    I did see a Marc Jacobs bag at NM Last Call. It was marked down from over one grand to $645. It was tan coloured, beautiful and I couldn't believe that such a roomy bag would be so lightweight. So I guess from the bag I saw and what you're saying MJ bags are lightweight which is fabulous.

    I just have to make sure it goes over my shoulder, I am dying here to see some more MbyMJ bags to try on for size!!
  4. 1) The bag should be made in either China or Indonesia. I have the Teri and that was made in Indonesia, but I have to say the leather and the overall quality is pretty good for what you pay for!

    2) I believe the J.J (or the Jazz from Spring) doesn't have any interior compartments, but it does have one exterior pocket on the outside.

    3) I haven't seen it IRL and I don't think it's in stores yet, but I don't think it would be too heavy.

    4) I think if you look back on previous threads, people who have bought the Jazz bag has said that it fits over the shoulders well.

    Hope that helps!
    If you decide to get it, let us know!
  5. Thanks for reminding me to look at previous threads and telling me it's the Jazz since searching for leather satchel doesn't come up with very much.

    If I do get it I will definitely let you all know!
  6. Yes - search the MbyMJ threads for modeling pics of the different lines.
    My babies grown now, but would have loved this line of bags in those days! Throw it all in and it's durable!
  7. I can't believe it the bag on the NM website is on pre-order and is going to ship no later than Aug 22!!! That's waaaay too late for me, I can't wait that long!

    I just found out when I went to chose the colour of the bag.

  8. Yeah I'm very IMPATIENTLY waiting for this bag.
  9. Per NM, the Jazz style has the following inside: 1 inside zip pocket, 1 inside cell phone pocket, 1 inside slide pocket. I kept picking this bag up at Bloomingdales the other day because I was so drawn to it! It was light in weight.
  10. That's a great bag too, congrats! I saw the stone IRL and it was beautiful! Is this Faridah hobo larger than the older turnlock Faridah? It seems so big for my frame IMO!
  11. Even though I just ordered Faridah I keep thinking about the satchel!
  12. Thank you! I loved the stone colour but I went with black, it will go with more in my wardrobe. I really don't know whether this hobo is larger or smaller than the previous Faridah, but Zappos have modeling pics of the two for comparison. Someone else could probably give you a definitive answer.

    I'm a large 5 foot 2 (as opposed to a petite size). The bag does seem large but that's what I needed.

    I can't wait!