Leather Replacing on Multicolore Speedy?? Anyone get it done??

  1. I purchased my pre-owned multicolore Speedy from a legit seller on eBay, so I know it's real. My issue is that the handles are pretty dirty. Icky. Someone must have had really grubby hands when they carried it. It kind of grosses me out, so I was thinking of having them replaced. What's the cost for new handles on the Speedy?
  2. i asked it was 75 CAD per handle
  3. Are you going to replace only the handles? How about the rest of the leather parts?
  4. I know, it's a tough call, because the other parts have already darkened. But the handles are seriously black. I'm not sure if I want to invest in more $$ to have the other parts replaced as well, because the bag itself isn't in stellar condition. Opinions please?
  5. I believe charleston_mom(I think) just had the handles and chads on her Speedy replaced. They charged her $145. You could also PM JoJo_LV_Lover. She had all the leather on her Speedy replaced.
  6. you might want to replace all the leather parts, only because it will all be uneven if you don't. why isn't the bag in stellar condition? what else is wrong with it other than the dirty handles?:confused1:
  7. did you try the baby wipes? Someone else bought a previously owned bag and it had very very dark handles. She wiped all the vachetta with baby wipes, let it dry 2 hours then repeated. She did this about 6 times over the course of several days and what a difference it made. Do a search -- I saw this post just a few days ago I believe.
  8. How about trying baby wipes before bringing it to LV? You have nothing to lose anyway. :shrugs: If it ever gets worse, then replace it. :p
  9. I agree. Try that and if it doesn't work then take it to have it replaced:yes:
  10. Yea, I've thought so too. But to replace all the leather parts, it's at least around $325+. That also if MC speedy is not more expensive since that amount is based on replacing the leather parts of regular speedy.
  11. This bag has been very loved and carried often ... the colors are wearing off and the leather is pretty beat up. See pics. Maybe I will try the baby wipe idea. I'm assuming there's no specific brand ...
    LV1.jpg LV2.jpg LV3.jpg
  12. I know it will be expensive, but I have had LV replace all exterior leather on a bag for me and it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. You will not be disappointed. I'd highly reccommend it.
  13. Lori, do a search first because I think there was a mention of a certain type of baby wipes. I believe it was suggested to use aloe baby wipes but I could be mistaken so do check out the other posts first.
  14. the leather parts don't look too bad. the ones on my cerises look kinda like that too, but mine doesn't look that "black" though...
  15. The handles are indeed too dark for my liking, :yes: especially the middle, which is a common thing to most speedies anyway.

    Do try baby wipes! :yes: Maybe you try it on a small part first, if it works, then you can use it on all the leather parts and they will all have the same tone. ;) Do search for threads on baby wipes. I think there are specific brands which are more recommended, as some are stronger and might cause the leather to dry up a little.