Leather repair - water marks

  1. My beautiful red See by Chloe Full On Messenger (http://www.polyvore.com/see_chlo%C3%A9_full_on_messenger/thing?id=2431089) was damaged today when water came through the ceiling of my apartment RIGHT ABOVE where my bag was, open, on the table. Water seeped through the fabric lining, and now there are some water marks on the bottom and back of the bag.

    Any thoughts on a how to tackle this repair at home or recommendations on a place you've used? I'm in NY.
  2. I believe that LMB can fix any color problems but they're pricey. You could email pics to them to get an estimate.
  3. LMB = LovinMyBags and you can reach them through their web site at http://www.lovinmybags.com

    Generally speaking if this happens it is best to damp down the whole panel that is affected with water so that no hard edge will be left once dried. Where the water has been left to dry it has pushed the dyes in the leather outwards (this leave the hard edge and causes the stain) and there is no way of moving them back again.

    Cleaning and protecting on a regular basis will soften the look and help the stain to blend in but nothing will actually remove it. Please do not try household remedies as most of them will make the matter much worse and will not resolve the problem.