Leather Repainting / Re-dye-ing service?

  1. Hi, i am new here

    here is it. i am dumb enough to put alcohol based liquid on the base on my soana sacoche bag and now the bottom of the bag is discolored.

    i am wondering does lv provide re-coloring or re-painting of their bags for a fee cos it breaks my heart everytime i see the faded spot at the bottom of my bag :sad:

    and yes, be generous on the remarks towards my stupidity, cos i am.
  2. Oh interesting, I've never actually thought about this one. Most of the time, discolouring is a stain, not actually a fade. I don't know if they could dye it back, they may actually have to replace the whole bottom.

    And hey, accidents happen ! I dropped pasta onto my speedy before.. oh how my heart hurt !
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum. They provide a service called toning which is done in order to even out the color of all the leather. Its not exactly repainting, and they make no guarantees of perfection, but they can get it as close as possible. I don't know if they charge or how much. I recently took in my Speedy for handle replacement and they said they could tone it to even it out with the already honey colored leather. I said OK but my estimate did not include a price for this, just the leather replacement. Hope this helps, and good luck!!
  4. Call LV and ask. It sounds like something can be done!