Leather refurbishment for vintage flap in Singapore?

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  1. I just bought a pre-owned vintage lambskin classic from ebay. When I got it I was rather surprised that the leather has quite a lot of scuff marks which did not show in the images posted. Anyway, I am just wondering if these scuff marks can be refurbished and if yes, where can I do it in Singapore? Does the Chanel outlet in Ngee Ann accept refurbishment orders for vintage bags? And how much would it cost me? Would really appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  2. ^^^I have visited Colorwash at China Sq too! That was to remove mould from my Gucci suede...eeek... Anyway when I was there, I saw the lasy boss redye and refurbishe a yellow Chanel flap.
  3. thanks for the suggestions. I will give them a call to see if they can "save" my bag. :yes:
  4. Yea, try colorwash as i sent all my designer bags esp chanel for reconditioning/waterproof protection.
  5. hey, how much did it cost you for the treatment? am thinking of sending my chanel there too! its lambskin so i guess its advisable right?
  6. you can also check out le shine @ far east plaza

    btw, anyone happens to know if colorwash/le shine can get ink stains off patent bags?
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    hi deliadenyse, I recently send my lambskin flap for recolouring...it cost S$250 and it will take about 1 month.
  8. I don't think stains can be removed from patent leather
  9. Pls bring along the chanel box there for them to store your bag before and after treatment. I saw with my own eyes how they just hang up all the bags in the treatment room and they were all squashed tightly against each other. And also collect your bag as soon as it is ready to prevent it from being haphazardly stored. The lady boss is very nice and patient with queries though.
  10. sunbeamy : saw your comment about sending your lambskin for recolouring. Would that affect how the leather feels? And just curious, what is the original colour of your bag and what colour are you redyeing it to? Did you send it to Colourwash or was it Le Shine?
  11. mytokiluv : I've send my bag to Colorwash. The original colour of my lambskin flap is in lilac colour and I redyeing back the same colour. My bag is still with them...will try to take picture when I collect from them.
  12. I was referred to Cleanique by the Chanel boutique in Malaysia. You can check out their website for more info http://www.cleanique.com.sg.
  13. Thanks, everyone for suggestions on where to get my bag refurbished. I actually asked the Singapore Chanel outlet if they do this for their bags but they say they don't and recommended Colourwash instead.

    Anyway, I did something unthinkable to my flap! Last night, I just remembered that I have some mink oil which I use on my leather boots and shoes. I decided to try a weeny bit on the flap and guess what, the scuff marks disappeared and the leather now has a nice sheen. It even removed those scratch marks on the inside flap! Wow, that saved me some $ and trouble sending the bag to the pros. I know some of you may think this is not very wise but so far the mink oil has been working well for my shoes so I guess it should be alright for my bag. *fingers crossed*

    sunbeamy : thanks for the reply. Lilac flap? Hmmm...yummy. Do show us pics and let us know how the redyeing went when you get it back.