Leather recs for a Kelly....

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  1. OK, so I was thinking of an evelyne & fell in love with a Kelly. Now, I'll have to start saving, though I can get an order in for july & have it by early '08. I tried a 28cm & it looked great (I'm 5' only). I did not get to see a 32, which I would love to do. I think I prefer the sellier style. Right now, I'm thinking black. I did read the leather book in the reference section, but still have a couple of questions. Which type of leather is the most resilient & would still look good in this style? I'm guessing not clemence, though "sturdy" it wouldn't look right in the sellier style? The one I tried on was chevre, which I liked but I wasn't sure of its durability. I have 2 little ones & live in a climate where there's rain & snow!! TIA for any tips.
  2. ^^^Ack!!! Chevre, vache liegee, or togo for you my dear. Togo sellier is kinda rare, though. I rarely bump into it. Swift is nice, too, but I see mostly retourne in this style.
  3. Black chevre sellier Kelly sounds perfect!
  4. I am going to recommend Togo, just because I have it and love it!... retourne, however.
  5. If you like sellier, I think black chevre sounds really nice.
    Black box is stunning however.
  6. Black box is stunning... but in rain and snow :sad:
  7. Black box, more for longevity than day to day hardiness. though. Chevre sellier would be awesome!
  8. I second Chevre Sellier. Gorgeous!!!!
  9. Thanks--I'm nearly positive it would be sellier. Box is my very favorite, but it just wouldn't work in my life. An add on ? to this post: I read the 28 vs. 32 debate, but have a ? no one seems to have answered. I'm only 5', but not small (like everyone else on here, it seems). I'm a size 16--so would a 28 still be OK? The SA recommended the 28 & I liked it fine, but still wondering. It's a much easier decision if you're 5' & size 6.
  10. this is such a helpful thread!!

    amy, re: the size question. i'm a size 12-14, but i'm 5'8" - the 32 was perfect on me. so...i would think the 28" would be great for you, since we're about the same width (lol), but pretty different heights!

    does that help??
  11. I am 5'2" and love the 32 cm. It's so subjective, if you tried a 28 cm and it felt right, then that's the one for you.
  12. I think before you buy you should really look at a 32. See if you can get your hands on a 32 sellier. I am 5'1" and I carry both 28 and 32. I really feel a 32 is great for me and my height. I prefer mine retourne in this size though.
  13. Hermesgroupie, do you name these choices because of the wet weather?

    I'm also wondering, are togo Kellys (and Birkins) always lined in chevre? So the togo stands up pretty stiffly?
  14. Amy, add mine to the voices recommending a black chevre Kelly sellier for you. I just got my own a few weeks ago; I had always thought I get black box, but I live where it rains a lot and went with the chevre in the end. I'm very happy with it.
  15. Amy,

    I'm going to put in a recommendation based on you being a mommy and how you use your bag...try on a retourne...in any leather...in a 32....

    I love sellier as a Kelly, but I think it would sit in my closet now that I'm a mom...the retourne can be dressed up or down...and the 32 allows me to carry all the stuff I need...

    Katel..Yes the Togo are lined in Chevre...