Leather question....

  1. Hello to all the kind and wonderful ladies of the H subforum,

    I have this goodie and I am unsure of its leather.. can someone tell me what leather this is.. I have compared it with my other H goodies and I do not seem to have another item in this leather I think so I don't know which one it is.. thanks in a million...at first I thought chevre but when I compared it to my chevre bearn, it is not the same.. then I thought togo, but the grain is bigger......

    thanks again..
    leather01.JPG leather02.JPG leather03.JPG
  2. btw, i did look at the reference section and just want to confirm this with all of your knowledge of course.. thanks again..
  3. looks a lot like togo. there are variations, so not all togo is identical, it just has certain characteristics. what is that color? so beautiful
  4. looks like togo but could be small grain clemence?
  5. ^^ grain looks quite raised for clemence though.
  6. Looks like togo to me...grain size can vary.
  7. ^^^:yes:
  8. Could it possibly be Fjord? Maybe? Is this Blue Jean?
  9. doesn't look matte enough, in the pic anyway, to be fjord.
  10. color looks like aqua? I saw something similar on LZ's website.. but monitors do vary..
  11. Looks like Togo to me--there can be quite a bit of variety in graining. Not Fjord--grains are too raised.
  12. Looks like Togo to me. :smile:
  13. Agree with everyone above.:yes: Definitely not Fjord and it looks like Togo rather than Clemence.
  14. Togo. Grain size will vary from piece to piece and even within the same piece!
  15. Expect variations within each leather group. This looks like togo, the grains look a little shiny, which is another characteristic of togo. Clemence is more matte. Another way to tell is the feel of the leather, clemence is much softer to the touch. You can really tell the difference between the two if you have togo and clemence side by side and feel the leather with your eyes closed.