Leather Question

  1. Has anyone heard if the leather is going to be thicker the next season?
  2. Yes, I called Bal NY today, and they said that they were returning to the thicker leather from before for the Fall season bags. :nuts: :nuts:
  3. I have a feeling this leather is going to be a combination of the new and old, very excited to see how it is! (it's soo nice to see you mamma!)
  4. I think so too...a combination of the new and old...the features of the new as far as texture, but the leather will be a bit thicker. YAY!
  5. oh my, something to look forward to. all of us balenciaga fans will have go crazy if they return to the old leather. I bet the company will make a mint!!! kaching, kaching!!!
  6. Thicker leather is definitely GOOD NEWS!! :nuts:
  7. This is EXCELLENT news :smile: I am really looking forward to seeing it especially in the red....gah :love:

    Thanks Mimi.....I can never stay away from B bag discussion too long :lol:
  8. Me Want Now!
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