Leather quality question

  1. Hi,

    I just bought a black deer skin gauffre and used it for a couple of weeks. Now the leather on the side of bag that is close to my body (wearing it on the shoulder mostly) starts to look slightly worn out and rough. Maybee this is a common problem with black bags. Do you have experience of this?

  2. I have had issues with the leather brown envelope style bag that I bought that starting to do the same after 3 months of use.

    Though its nothing major, just wear...but it does seem to wear out in certain corners or places that constantly gets rubbed. This is the reason I opt for the nylon bags instead mostly....I see this alot with leather bags and dont want to deal with it...lol...
  3. Some of the softer finish leathers seem to do this and it is rather bothersome for such an expensive bag -- I guess one just has to see it as part of the bag's "character" !!