Leather quality - BV vs Hermes


Feb 16, 2007
Greetings ladies and gents:

Hope this is not a cheeky question to ask... But How good would the leather being used at Bottega Veneta compared to let's say Hermes and Loewe?
Personally I think it really depends on the product itself, just curious what your views are sicne there is always the view that Hermes use better leather than BV or Loewe.


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Dec 19, 2005
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i am not sure myself but I remember reading that hermes and bv get their leathers from the same place. i don't know the validity of this statement though!


Aug 26, 2006
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I thought this question was posted here a day or 2 ago and there were several replies. This has been posted in Hermes as well. (added note: I was remembering some posts in Vicky's thread about BV leather)

From what I've read, the source for BV and Hermes leathers is the same and they are the only 2 customers. What the 2 companies do with it after that may be entirely different. Hermes is generally more structured, BV less so, especially with the intrecciato (woven) styles.

I don't think they start out with leather that differs much in quality, but they design for different customers, usually. Both make their bags by hand with individual craftsmen. BV's designer, Tomas Maier, came from Hermes. He was hired by Tom Ford.

Though I own both BV and Hermes and love them all, BV will always be my first love; it's hard to explain.
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Jul 23, 2006
I think both have amazing leathers. There is the same thread posted under the H sub-forum. You may want to use the search function and have the threads merged.

Both have a place in my collection since the designs are so different... the leathers from both design houses are wonderful though. You can't go wrong.


Feb 22, 2007
i love both bv and h.
i also read this in the h forum.
very different bags but both beautiful, hand made and great leather.


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Sep 2, 2008
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I would say, that certain luxury companies just buy leather from a supplier, and make a bag..and then there is Hermes and BV who are taking the processing of leather hides to a total different level of accomplishment, that makes it a standout ...before it becomes a product...probably using some techniques that are unique to each fashion house.

What I like is that both Hermes and BV are in the business of leather and I cannot say that they have "cheapen" the product despite tremondous rising production costs.

Both have its customer base and following, love them both for different things. I would definitely say that Hermes has a much more traditional feel/look while BV is much more into "fashion", a bit more daring in using different colors and finishes..while maintaining the quality standards (which cannot be said for many other "fashion companies)...my thoughts.....