Leather/Python Combo Bags: Dressy? Casual? Both?

Jan 25, 2006
I am currently considering the McQueen Novak black leather bag that has python trim and detailing (the python is also black). Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the bag; it is quite structured though.

Do you consider a combo bag as such a dressy/formal bag? Or a more casual rock-and-roll style bag? I want to be comfortable using the bag in jeans but also in a dress and heels. What do you think? Would I be limited in my options? Or can I pull off both styles? Opinions would be greatly appreciated.
angstofgumby (love the name! :biggrin: ), to a degree I think it depends on what you look like :biggrin:

However, if I really have to give an answer, it'd be "both dressy and casual".