Leather Purses with a metal H on the strap

  1. Hi,
    Lately I have been seeing very nice leather purses.....good quality....with a metal H where the strap meets the bag. It's not Hermes......But, I was wondering if anyone knew what brand it is. They are nice bags and I was just curious. I just bought a Baca Gustto, so I am not buying anything for a while....but I am always on the lookout.
  2. :cursing:I wanted to refresh this question because when I look back it doens't make sense. It's the letter H where the strap meets the actual purse...so H STRAP H. The strap is leather and is braided (like the Fendi Spy Bag) and they are very cute bags. I just don't know who makes it and what the price range is. Help!!!!!!
  3. It might be Lambertson Truex? or Tommy Hilfiger?
  4. No. Checked. Thanks though
  5. Nothing to do with Hayden Harnett? Just saw someone referring to them as HH on another thread...?
    Just guessing...