leather protector, suede, long-term?

  1. So, I bought my first kooba not too long ago...khaki paige. Now I think I have a problem. I really would like the suede devin. I bought the Wilson's leather protector to use on the paige. I'm just worried that even with the protector that the suede will rub against my hip and get ugly after a while. Does the Wilson's hold up long-term on the suede? Any comments appreciated.
  2. Very good question. I have been wondering the same thing. Also, what do you guys do to keep your kooba neat and pretty?
  3. I have a black suede Devin that I got a couple of months ago. I put several coats of Wilson's on it because I was worried about the suede. So far it has held up well. I will say I am a little more careful with it than with other non-suede bags, but it has done all right. I try to avoid carrying it if the weather is really bad, and I store it in its dust bag when not in use. I also got a suede brush, but I have only used it once or twice. I think the black is somewhat lower maintenance than the taupe. I have heard of people having stains on the taupe that transferred from clothing, and have seen a couple on eBay that looked a little rough.