Leather Protector Spray recs. in the UK?

  1. Ok..

    So I have read about wilsons spray on here, but as far as I know its not available here in Blighty...

    Any recs for a top notch leather protector spray that you can get in the UK please? I checked out one by Kiwi but it seems to be aimed more for shoes.

    I gotta get prepared for my Bonnies arrival, and Im gonna do my IF's as well.

  2. The stuff in Russell and Bromley is good.
  3. Go to leatherstuff.com
    Click on the "apple leather care" link.
    They have cleaners, conditioners, protectors and repellents. My LV's look brand new, no stains, watermarks, etc. on the leather. I treat them periodically.
  4. That's in the US and shipping to the UK would cost $35 :wtf:
  5. Yep..not to mention any potential customs charges that Tony Blair might slap on us!;)

    Thanks for the tip anyway handbagcity..

    Curlsaloud...I think I will check out R&B if Im ever near one. Do you reckon Clarks might have any worth looking at?
  6. I didn't like the Clarks stuff - Jones Bootmaker do a really good too.