Leather protector on Chanel lambskin leather?

  1. I bought a leather protector at Mulberry store to protect my roxanne from rain / water. Just wonder can I use this on my Chanel lambskin flap bag or other bags such as Balenciaga, Fendi, BV, etc? I am not sure which designer forums I should post this thread, but there are so many viewers here at Chanel, hope some of you can help. Many Thanks. ;)
  2. This is slightly OT but maybe it will help you. I just emailed Chanel to ask them how to care for my white Cabas and this was their reply:

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding care for your CHANEL handbag. If
    you would like to maintain the original condition of your bag, we
    recommend the following:

    -- Maintain the line of the handbag by not overloading it.
    -- Do not expose the leather to sun or moisture.
    -- Protect the handbag from contact with makeup or perfume.
    -- Light-colour patent leather should not be placed adjacent to
    dark-coloured materials for long periods of time. Small leather items
    are especially at risk for such migration.
    -- If the product is wet, dab it dry with a natural-coloured, absorbent,
    non-fluffy cloth. DO NOT RUB.
    -- When you are not using the bag, store it in its protective bag,
    preferably upright. Ideally, line it with tissue paper and place the
    chain straps inside so that they don't mark the leather.
    -- Sprinkle a grease stain with talcum powder, let it sit for a few
    minutes and then gently dust it off with a soft, clean makeup brush.
    -- We do not recommend any cleaners or sealing products for our bags.
    -- Polish your bag with a soft, dry cloth of fine, knitted wool. Use a
    light-coloured cloth to avoid any transference of colour.
    -- To remove or obscure any slight scratches, rub the surface in a
    circular motion with a clean, dry finger.
  3. ^^ very helpful, thank you!
  4. I kind of laughed at "Do not expose the leather to sun or moisture." So you're only supposed to use your bags on nights with no rain? :confused1:

    Also, I'm not entirely convinced about the no protector-thing. I've read other posts here where people strongly recommend a protector (especially for light colored bags to guard against color transfer but at least we have the official Changel recommendations. :smile:
  5. Hmm... well I don't think Chanel would say use so and so cleaner etc. because they don't want to be held accountable, or get calls about ruined bags from pissed off customers... that's probably why their recommendations are very general in scope. ITA agree about the sillyness of "do not expose the leather to sun or moisture" ... unless you live in a very dark bubble, good luck with that haha.