Leather Protector for White Cabas

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  1. Hi,

    Has anyone used any leather protector on their white cabas? Any recommendations? Or warnings?

    Some people seem to say that Chanel bags don't need protection but does this apply to white bags?

    Also, some people have used Vectra spray...but on the white cabas? I'm concerned that a protector will discolor or yellow the white.

    Any suggestions, opionions welcome. Tks. :shrugs:
  2. I have heard wonderful things about the lovinmybags products. I think many of the bal gals use it and some probably have experience with white. I am thinking of protecting my white bags with thier products.
  3. I just bght some leather protector for my white caviar....sprayed on it (abt 20cm away from yr bag)
    air it to dry...keep it...do it as often as u use it...that's was the instruction given by the sales staff who sold it to me...
  4. Thanks Rockerchic and dleesy!
  5. is there any site where I can buy this since it's rare here in Hong Kong?