Leather Protector for Carla in Black

  1. Hey

    I just purchased a Carla in Black and just fell in love with that leather, soft and crinkly. I'm going to keep it but wonder if I should use any leather protectant spray. Reading past threads I see some use the wilsons and appleguard and I did look into those. But would like to do more research before I spray my purse.

    Does any ladies here have the Carla in Black? If so, did you spray it with any type of leather protector?
  2. I believe they are saying use Wilson's Leather cleaner in another thread...
  3. Not the cleaner, but the Leather and Suede Protector.
  4. Dora, I don't have a Black Carla but I can tell you that I used Wilson's (2-3 coats) on all of my Koobas and none have been harmed. No spotting. No discoloration. It's like it's not there.
  5. I think I need to get some of that Wilsons when I'm back in the States. It sounds like the one to use.

    Dora, congrats on your new Carla. I love the braiding on the Carlas, Marias and Gingers.
  6. I agree, Dora. Get the Wilson's 4 oz. pump spray TLC leather/suede proctetant.
  7. Thank you ladies!

    I was leaning more towards the Wilsons, so how far back do you have the nozzle before you spray it, 12 inches, 8 inches? So that it is evenly dispersed.

    I know I might sound crazy but I really want to get this right because that Carla is going to be a loooooooong investment, one of my only black purses.
  8. I'm going to say about 6 inches. It'll come out like a mist and I just do all parts of the bag misted evenly about twice over. Then I let dry before a second coat. It may turn a little darker and sometimes you might get a glop to come out and it lands on the purse like a droplet but no worry. It'll dry as the rest and leave an even transparent coating.
  9. I finally got my black Carla from Bluefly and I love it! I don't think there is Wilson's protector in Canada, so I'll just use my all-purpose ALDO spray. I've used it on other bags so I'm sure it will be fine.
  10. Don't you just love that leather? Slightly crinkly, and the fragrance of leather. People might think i'm wierd walking down the street sniffing my bag. I think I'm going to give wilsons a try.
  11. Yes I love the leather!! It holds so much junk too! I'm taking it to a conference-I hope it's not too casual to wear with dressier clothes-I can fit ny daytimer in it so it's perfect!
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  13. I don't think it is too casual or too dressy, it's just right for all your needs! And big enough too.